S. R. Tilley & Associates

Information Technology Consulting

The Wall Street Journal says "… information about information technology can be more valuable than the technology itself." We couldn’t agree more.

Founded in 1998 by Scott Tilley, S.R. Tilley & Associates is a strategic and tactical information technology consulting boutique based on Florida's Space Coast. We specialize in tracking the development of emerging technologies and advising clients on the potential impact of these technologies on their businesses. We provide guidance on industry developments and market trends through services such as in-depth analysis, custom consulting, and seminars, and through products such as subscription-based newsletters and white papers.

Our mission is to serve as your virtual chief technology officer by providing innovative thinking that supports your strategic goals and tactical guidance related to realizing these goals.

We also publish SIGPC, a newsletter focused on pervasive computing.

Last updated December 23, 2004.